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How to Hypermile eBookYou have heard about hypermiling in the news. There are people getting 50 ... 75 ... 100 MPG with ordinary cars. Look around at the existing hypermiling web sites and you will find lots of cryptic terms like: pulse and glide, draft-assisted forced stop, nice-on, warp and stealth. In this new ebook, we explain how advanced, as well as other techniques work in clear, easy-to-understand language. The bottom line is - this publication will show you how to SAVE MONEY even by making modest changes to your current driving techniques. 16 pages, fast download (just 369 KB).

"How to Hypermile" is published in Acrobat PDF format. Please note, this file opens and prints with the FREE Acrobat Reader (most computers already have this handy program installed, however the latest version is also available from the Adobe web site).

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How many miles are you getting per gallon of gas? If you don't know, you should! There's an easy formula to calculate your MPG or Miles Per Gallon or you can use our free online MPG calculators.

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»   Gas Saving Tips

Keep in mind, even though hypermiling techniques are not suitable for all drivers; there are practical gas saving tips anyone can follow to help improve their car's gas mileage - no matter what type of vehicle the person drives.

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